For boat and Airplane fans.


26/11(India) had made a war like environment here. I was a great fan of war airplanes when i was child. Then afterward I turned towards boats.

Now today also i make paper-planes from exam question papers after attaining exams!!! hehe....

Many peoples have hobbies for making paper models of planes and showing them in exhibition. similarly many people make collection of these planes giving
huge price to is creators.

well I know a website for you guys/gals related to it.


This website contains images and information about planes from a nono sized to great bombers.
I bet you can't deny these images and their info there. You might fall in Love with all these planes.
This site contains not only air-planes but boats too. There is provision for taking spare part's manuals also.


This site contains A to Z alphabetically arranged air-plane names and there technical information. Its a great site for air-plane lovers.

"Ohhhhhh...na na na na I don't want to get in this costly hobby"- but whats so probs in watching images and reading free info ??? huh...?


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