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t has been many months since I haven't updated letmeknowww. Sorry readers. I was a lil bit busy in some important work (actually exams). So now again I am back with new things that you may or may not know.

This article is about .SRT files, abbreviated from "SubRip Title" or "SubRip Subtitle" files, Which we can use with movie files to display custom dialogues embedded inside the playing movie screen.
We can make really funny combination of dialogues and the playing scenes in the movie to achieve really fun filled movie watch.

Today we are going to make the text appear on the movie screen with help of external file as shown in above snap. (like its written "why so serious?" in the snap)
So lets see how can we do that...

What are .SRT files ?

.SRT files, as said previously, are SubRip Title files containing the information about wot text to display when a specified track is played for a specified time line. This information is stored in a file with .srt extension and the contents of this file can be seen by any simple text editor like notepad or wordpad.
Actually they are extracted files from a software called as "Subrip". Well thats not the point for today's discussion. The point is .SRT files.

The .srt file contains following information:
1] Text to be displayed while movie is getting played.
2] Timeline for which text will be displayed.
3] Subtitle numbers for the displaying text.

And the format is :
Subtitle number
start time --> end time
text for the subtitle
blank line

Wot do I require?

1]Vlc player (or any player that support subtitles)
2]Video in popular format (e.g. avi or divx)
3]Text editor (notepad will do)
nothing more....

How do I make my own .SRT file?

1]Firstly choose a video in popular video format for which you are creating subtitle file.
2]Now open notepad (or any text editor) and write number '1'. Subtitle numbers starts from 1.
3]Now play your video and record the time at which you want to insert your text.
it should be in format- hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds.
example: 00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:24,400
where 00:00:20,000 is starting time and 00:00:24,400 is ending time of the text.
4] Now on the very next line type the text that you want to see as a subtitle.
It can be anything.

5] leave a blank line.
6] write a number '2'
7] repeat steps 3,4,5 for different time lines and subtitle numbers with desired text.

Atlast your file will look sumthing like below.

00:01:52,991 --> 00:01:55,710
CHUCKLES: That's it? Three guys?

00:01:55,871 --> 00:01:59,068
GRUMPY: Two guys on the roof. Every
guy gets a share. Five shares is pIenty.

00:01:59,231 --> 00:02:01,586
CHUCKLES: Six shares. Don't
forget the guy who pIanned the job.

now goto file >> save as >> browse for the folder where the video file you selected previously is kept >> save this file with same name of the video file.

Now open the video with vlc player (or the player that you have).
When the perfect timeline that you inserted in srt file comes in your video, you will be able to see the text flashing on the bottom of the video.

look at the below video example:(it is showing the subtitle number 2 in above example)
A snapshot from "The Dark Knight"

But wots the fun ?

Well...there is lots of fun in this.

1] If you have your own home video or video of your friends, Then its time to screw the video.
You can add nasty dialogues to what it is displayed in the video.
Or you can just explain the video in English.

2] If you have a video of a song and wants your friends to have lyrics with them, then its cool to add lyrics to a srt file in perfect time line and enjoy song with your lyrics.

3] If you have a movie in non-English language then you can translate the dialogues to English and write it on a srt file.
There are number of things you can do with SRTs...Its just you need to imagine...

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