Readers Article

This section is provided for readers to put their own ideas and articles here.

Readers who feels to have any of there article published on this blog ( with offcourse there name as a post author) are free to add there posts and articles.

If users have there own blog or site ,a link to that will be published.

This is useful to :

  • those who don't have blogs. ( it will publish their ideas to world with their name).
  • those who have blogs ( it will be like showing your blog ads on others promoting own blog )
What users should do ???
  • Users should drop their email addresses here.
  • Users should review their article in "short" here.
  • They should send their full article as a email attachment to ritesh.kedar@gmail.com.
  • Email attachment should include authors email address (if sent from different email id).
  • Article will be moderated by blog owner and published if its suitable for.
  • Readers are requested not to spam or provide any money making article,false info.
  • Article should be knowledge based.
  • No copying please from other sites.If copied ,then source & credits should be provided.
  • Blog owner possess full rights whether to publish or not to publish the post.
  • If reader is having same post in their own blog ,don't worry the article will be slightly modified to simplify further for better understanding for other readers.

that's it for now to start posting...

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