Auto-crossfading in media player...(wow effects)


Hmmmm.... this is the most cooooool feature in media player ( 11 series ) ...that i wud like to share with you all guys\gals.
plz comment if you knowwww more (cool) features of it.

So there are two feature I like and those are

1] SRS wow effects ( for sub-woofer systems)
2] auto-crossfading

SRS wow effects

To activate this effect in media player (11) you have to go to classic menu, then navigate to
file >> view >>enhancements >>SRS wow effects

after this you will be able to see the SRS wow effect enhancement opened at the bottom of the player screen.

then click on " TURN ON " and select type of speakers. And level the " true bass " and "wow effect " as per your wish.

This effect is most enjoyable on remixes and high bass songs.


You might have heard about D.J's and there awesome cross fading.
Windows media player(11) brings you the D.J style cross fading.
this can be activated through classic menu.
file >>view >> enhancements >>crossfading and auto volume leveling

This effect is my favourite effect in media player (11).

  • just make a playlist of your favourite songs. ( i suggest remixed ones having fast track starting).
  • Then listen to your song
  • at the end of the song, the current song will be overlapped on the next song with auto leveling of volume and the next song will begin.
You just listen to it. And you will love it.
please reply if you know more cool settings in media players.
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D


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