Find windows cd-key in its cd itself...!!!

Well I always use to wonder that cd-keys must be stored inside the bootable cd of windows xp itself.
I thought that it must be stored in encrypted form inside the disk so that no one can get it.
But my thinking failed then and there when i came to know that windows xp cd-key is stored inside the cd itself in simple text format. which you can read through a simple text editor ( like notepad or wordpad). But the key that you get is probably a trail version key. So what !!! you get enough time to search for full version key.
I read an post somewhere on internet which I have described below.

  1. insert windows xp cd in ur cd/dvd drive.
  2. right click on the cd/dvd drive >> open .
  3. Now go to " I386 " folder.
  4. search for a file named " UNATTEND " (which is a text file). Open it.
  5. Look at the bottom of the text file.
There you find your cd key. ( given as " product key = blablablablablablablabla "
hurray you got your cd key for windows xp.
Wot say huh???!!!!

sometimes the cd-key doesn't works , but sometimes it works like butter...
Check-out your key work or not...
Try this key , when installing windows prebooting from cd/dvd...

post reply for this if it works or not....


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