you all must have seen the ads on T.V of toothpastes where the young girl runs out with bad teeth of here boy friend or something like that. no? then it OK no probs.

Many times this happens that a person having very nice personality starts talking with you keeping his/her mouth close to you. And you get outta there.

The bad breath is actually breath air from our mouth containing sulphur compounds. These compounds gets formed due to fermentation of protein present in
food particles in our mouth, saliva , gums ,etc. normal people doesnt even think about (care about) it. The bacterias results are responsible for this process.

Out of the world population about 30% peoples have bad breath problem. This problem is called as "HALITOSIS".

well i hav a good website for you to see (and care) about mouth related (oral) information and problems.
Whether you have bad breath or not but this site is quite usefull for you.

There has been so much research in this subject all over the world. HALITOSIS results in bitter taste, sour taste, or like a metal taste.
Many types of bacterias are responsible for these types of processes.

If these bacterias get favourable environment and a food particle, then they increase in there population tremendously.
Only doing nice mouth-wash and tounge-cleaning can never rid this problem, it needs a good medicine.

many times other medicines results in dry mouth. Many hormonal changes,eating tobaccco,cigarette ,etc can cause this problem.
taking nice medicine can get this problem rid permanently.

so Beware...!!!!

source: some news

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