music shortcut for microsoft wired keyboard users


I use a Microsoft wired keyboard and get jealous seeing my other friends (like SAM :D ) using Iball multimedia keyboards (which have a separate button for next song playing).... so thought of making some simple mods to my keyboard.

You guys/gals can also make this for your own keyboards.

wot we gonna do is:

1]making a huge playlist of your favorite songs and saving it as shuffled , somewhere on ur hard disk.

2]assigning a separate key on keyboard for the made playlist .

3] making a quick launch for your playlist. (optional but good)

  • Making playlist
go to ur favorite media player ( windows media player 11 works awesome)
make collection of your favorite songs.
click on the shuffle button
save it.

  • assigning separate key for this playlist
For the playlist made we have to assign a key...
so choose a key which you don't use (or need) often. i chose MAIL key Coz i don't use it .

now download " tweak UI " HERE
install it

Now go to start >> programs >> powertoys for windows xp >> tweakUI

The tweakUI windows will open
now Go to explorer >> command keys >> choose the key you want to assign ( In my case I used mail key ) >> double click it
In the new opened window select " Run a custom command when the key is pressed "
and give it the path of the playlist where you have saved it ( example : "F:\songs\My Playlists\newsongsplaylist.wpl"

click OK >> apply >> OK

Hurray !!! now press the assigned key (mail key) on your keyboard . The song will start playing.
Now again press the assigned key (mail key). Next song will start playing (Coz the songs are in shuffled motion...hehe). Each song will selected randomly from your list

Now you have the great modded ( not like a multimedia but still better than previous) keyboard.

  • make a quick launch ( optional)

This is optional trick for some lazy users like me, who feels that turning our hands towards keyboard is a heavy bull work.
This will make a quick launch for your favorite music.

Here we go:
1. make a shortcut of your playlist. (right click >> create shortcut)
2. paste this shortcut in "C:\Documents and Settings\USER PROFILE\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"
3.delete the unused shortcuts there.

replace user profile with profile name created on your computer.

Now your music Quick launch is ready to play your shuffled music.
click on the quick launch and start your playlist.

Hope you liked these simple mods....specially for music lovers...hehe....

source: my own

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