Firefox basics (use and shortcuts) / you know these but never use it

firefox image loadingIt has been many times that we know something about a software but we never use it for what it is meant.
Firefox is one of these.

Small shortcuts while using Firefox can really make your browsing a fun filled browsing. But we never do.

Let's see whether you know these shortcuts or not. If yes then how much you use them while browsing.

Press spacebar to do a page down. (I know you use mouse scroll)
Press Shift+spacebar to do a page up.

  • Auto-complete
This is most commonly used for .com domains but highly neglected for .net and .org sites.
Type site name without .com and press control+enter. Firefox will complete the whole URL with

For .net type shift+enter.

For .org type control+shift+enter.

I know you neglected .net and .org ones.

  • Mouse shortcuts (most neglected)
1] middle click : Opens new tab ( Still you will right click and select new tab)
2] Shift+scroll up : next page .

3] Shift+scroll down : previous page.

4] Control+scroll up : increase text size (zoom in)

5] Control +scroll down : decrease text size (zoo out)

6] middle click on a tab closes it.

  • Delete individual items from history.
You can clear all history from clear private data option of Firefox.
But what if you want to clear only two or three individual address from the history (you know what type of history I mean).

Its too easy.

Open a new tab >> press down button >> go to the address you want to delete >> press delete.

Isn't that easy.

  • Tab navigation shortcuts.
If you opened large series of tabs and want to check them all one by one. Then don't click them
individually. Instead do following.

1] control+(1-9 numbers to skip to specific tab)

2] control+tab : move forward among tabs.

3] control+tab : move backwards among tabs.

  • Keywords
Adding keyword to bookmark.
Example I want to open my orkut account when I type "A" in address bar.

Just book mark the page and in keyword field assign a keyword. (here example "A")

And you are go. Type the keyword ("A") in address bar and access your bookmark.

  • RAM usage
If you think Firefox uses much of your memory ,
then Go to address bar >> type about:config >> type " browser.cache " >> change value of
" browser.cache.disk.capacity " to lower value.

If you have 512mb-1gb RAM try 15000-20000

  • RAM usage in minimized state.
Activating this setting will move Firefox memory to pagefile when its minimized.
It will have no effect on speed when you restore Firefox.

Type about:config in address bar >> right click anywhere >> new >> Boolean >> name it as
" config.trim_on_minimize " >> make it true.

Restart Firefox to see effect.

These where the best settings for an average user to know in their Firefox.
Besides there are plenty of settings junked on various sites.
Just have a search and check yourself.
Try to search for about:config tweaks. Like pipelining ones.

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