Google maps with latitude / a GPS for non-GPS mobile phones


Google has launched various cool softwares for mobile phones .Which are really useful in day to day life.

Out of which Google maps is really a useful one.
Now Google had made more modifications in there Google maps including better direction finding and my favorite LATITUDE.

Lets see why we should Download this cool...
The coolest software for your mobile phone.

Just visit google.com/latitude from you phone to download.

Google maps comes with these functions.

  1. A regular location search. (with business addresses and phone numbers)
  2. Get directions functionality (improved walking and driving routes)
  3. My location ( get your approx location without GPS)
  4. Latitude (my favorite)
  5. show traffic.
  6. map view / satellite view
  7. favorites
  8. Street view ( nice but only for some cities)

Regular search
Regular search is just to type a keyword and get location search.

Get directions (most useful )

Get direction function is the most useful feature of Google maps.
You just have to type start point and end point and you will get directions to go to the destination
Directions mean not just direction , Its like go left turn right then turn round etc, etc.

It includes driving directions , public transport , and walking distance.

My location

This will search your approximate location .
If available , it will display your locations Within 800 meter if range.

Its nice feature for non GPS phones.


Its my favorite feature in Google maps.
In this feature you will be able to invite your friends to latitude.

You will able to see where your friends are, their status message ,contact them with sms or call or im .

You can make your locations as "my location" or manually set it on the map.
You can even control your privacy hiding your location or hide location from specific friend.
Indeed nice feature.
Moreover you can use these features on your PC too.
And if you own a website , you can let your visitors see your location.
Same like you have seen in "my guestbook" .

Show traffic
This feature work for limited cities.
It shows the current traffic on the searched area.

Map view / Satellite view
You can toggle between
map view - like map as on a paper
Satellite view - like as seen from a satellite.

You can mark some location like your home , Girl friends home, school, college etc as a favorite.
So that you can quickly access that location next time.

Street view

This is nice feature but currently available in limited cities like Albany and Schenectady, NY , Boise, ID , Juneau, AK , Kansas City, MO , Manchester, NH , Milwaukee, WI , Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), NC , San Antonio, TX , Salt Lake City, UT

You can see the roads and surroundings like you are walking on the road.
You can scroll back and forth, but it can cost you several bucks for you data transfer.

These are the top cool features in Google maps. When I say cool then they really mean cool.
Check out that your phone is compatible with this or not HERE.

And get set to enjoy the GPS for your phone NOW !!!

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