mojopac -Carry your windows xp in USB / make favorite applications portable

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t has been time when we used Mozilla portable edition , and even portable games through pen drives and i-pods.
But this is some thing different.
This software can make an windows OS portable.
No no its not XP portable edition. Rather its making your xp running on another XP with your favorite software installed in it.
This way you can make your application portable to use it anywhere.

This software is called as " mojopac ".

I first installed it and liked it.

Now-a-days many portable softwares are available in market out of which mojopac is one.

But what I like about mojopac is that it maps your pen drive as default c: drive and the other drives get shown in partitions.

Which ever software you install , it gets installed in your pen drive or i-pod.
When you start mojopac portable environment, it asks for username and password.

After entering username and password it log you on to your OS.

And there you get your free environment ready made with your favourite software apps.

It supports majority of softwares.

visit http://www.mojopac.com/ for more information on supported apps and features.

1] You can make majority of softwares protable including games also at $0 .

2] No web cache , no passwords etc are left on host windows.

3] Works great on USB, external and portable hard drives, i-pods.

4] You have your own favorites , wallpaper , desktop as if you are at your own pc.

5] mapped c: drive.

6] Username and password required to start virtual environment.

7] If a virus tries to infect in mojopac environment , it gets infected on USB and it can harm USB files . And the files on Host computer becomes safe.

8] Auto-update.

1] No encryuption of data on USB drive.

2] User can modify files on virutal pc. Which is sign of weak vitualization. Where as Vmware is seen with strong virtualization. (this will get fixed in future versions)

3] You have to use third party software like truecryupt to encrypt your data.

4] Not supported for some apps.

How to use??
1] just download mojopac from http://www.mojopac.com/download.html .

2] install it in your USB drive.

3] let the setup finish.

4] after loading mojopac environment , start installing all your apps and games. customize your desktop.

5] plug your USB stick into any windows XP . Click on start and start using your desktop on the go.

So when next time you go , go with your desktop in your pocket !!!

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